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Job Purpose

The role holder is responsible for documenting Bank activities through photography and videography. He/She will collaborate with the relevant stakeholders to conceptualise and execute photo shoots for various projects and events in the Bank. In addition, he/she will be responsible for archiving and documentation in line with the Bank’s guidelines.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

1. Capture compelling images in Bank events and adhere to the Brand guidelines and expectations.
2. Select and prepare equipment, props, and locations for photo shoots, ensuring all technical and logistical aspects are in place.
3. Collaborate with the creative team to plan and execute photo shoots according to briefs and requirements.
4. Edit photographs for publication in various formats to enhance quality using standard software/s.
5. Preparation of ad hoc and periodic reports on activities related to the role and share with the supervisor in a timely manner.
6. Build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure consistent visual branding across all channels.
7. Adhere to the bank policies, procedures, guidelines, and related standards.
8. Organise and maintain an archive of digital assets, including raw files, edited images and videos and metadata in the appropriate format, ensuring accessibility and security.
9. Maintain all photography and video equipment as expected and engage the relevant stakeholders in case of support required.
Any other roles and responsibilities as ma be assigned by the supervisor.


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Photography, Visual Arts or related field from a recognized institution.
2. Demonstrable expert-level facility with photography editing software, including (but not limited to) Adobe Lightroom Pro and CC, Adobe Photoshop, and other Adobe Creative Suite tools.

Work Experience

1. At least three (3) years’ experience in a busy photographic environment
2. Demonstrable ability for quick turn-around to photography project assignments.


Technical Competencies
1. Exceptional photography skills and proficiency in digital photography techniques, equipment, and post editing software.
2. Ability to meet strict, short-term deadlines for photography assignments.
3. Knowledge of copy right laws and image use rights.

General and Behavioral Competencies
1. Planning and organization - Ability to organize work, set priorities, and determine resource requirements; determine short or long-term goals and strategies to achieve them; coordinate with other stakeholders or part of the organization to accomplish goals. Ability to meet strict timelines.
2. Quality orientation - Ability to check work to ensure accuracy. Adopt a disciplined approach to work and drive for closure, results, and success.
3. Communication and information sharing -Ability to express information clearly and succinctly, orally and in writing, considering the audience and the nature of the information.
4. Professionalism, work ethic and integrity - Ability to convey a high level of excellence and competence on delivery of duty.
5. Collaboration and teamwork - Ability to work collaboratively within a group of people to achieve a common goal.
6. Accountability and professional development – Ability to take and accept responsibility and outcome thereof in an open and transparent manner.
7. Customer focus - Ability to demonstrate concern for the expectations of customers and prioritize them as well as convey realistic expectations to both internal and external customers.
8. Resilience - Ability to withstand operational challenges and maintain momentum.
9. Decision making - the ability to make better decisions, as defined by decision-making principles posited by models of rational choice.
10. Emotional Intelligence -manages emotions in a mature and composed manner as expected of staff.
11. Digital mind-set - Ability to recognize the importance and impact of technology on the ways of working and integrate technology in the day-to-day job to achieve efficiency, quality, and productivity in the function.
12. Creativity and innovation - Promote an environment that encourages creative thinking, and innovation within the ambits of existing rules/guidelines. Ability to keep current with emerging trends and technologies.
13. Flexibility to work as and when photo shoots are required and provide excellent services to the Bank.

Candidates are requested to note that:

  • INCOMPLETE applications will not be considered.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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