Job Purpose

Processing of currency deposits in an efficient and secure manner.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

a) Confirm accuracy of currency deposits;
b) Confirm the authenticity/genuineness of all currency processed;
c) Sort currency as fit and unfit in line with the clean currency policy and guidelines;
d) Identify and document discrepancies in the course of processing;
e) Package and label processed currency as per applicable guidelines;
f) Ensure safe custody of currency assigned for processing or in custody;
g) Prepare accurate and timely reports of all currency processed;
h) Maintain accurate record of all currency processed;
i) Carry out postings of processed work in the assigned computer systems;
j) Basic maintenance of assigned machinery/equipment;

Qualifications and Experience

a) Minimum ‘O’ Level education;
b) Numeracy skills and attention to detail;
c) Basic computer operating skills;


a) A team player with an open-mind and good interpersonal skills;
b) Adaptable, willing and able to learn in a challenging environment;
c) Communication and organizational skills;
d) Positive attitude and strong work ethic;
e) Physical and mental alertness and ability to concentrate for long hours;

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